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Accessing an OCD Therapist Just Got Easier

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Each therapy session is done over "face-to-face" video-conferencing, and for a limited time it's $50 per visit.  


Listen to the bonus episodes below with NOCD staff and learn more about what NOCD is doing in the world of OCD therapy.

Listen below for the BONUS nocd episodes.


Bonus episode #1: Anil is a community manager at nocd. I talked with him about managing the nocd community inside the app. What he likes about it, what he's learned, how the community supports each other and much more.

Dr Patrick McGrath

Bonus episode #2: Dr Patrick McGrath is head of clinical services at nocd. I talked with Patrick about running the therapy services at nocd, how teletherapy is different, how they are growing how many therapists they have to treat OCD and much more.

Interested in finding out more about nocd's therapy services?

NOCD have sponsored The OCD Stories podcast since 2016. We have followed their journey ever since. We have been inspired by their mission to improve access to evidence based therapy for OCD.

Interested in finding out more about NOCD's therapy services?

Now, you can do live Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) sessions with an OCD-trained therapist directly inside the NOCD platform! 

Each ERP therapy session is done over "face-to-face" video-conferencing, and it's $50 per session for a limited time only.  

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"I started The OCD Stories to offer hope, inspiration and insight to people experiencing OCD symptoms. This is done through a weekly podcast where I interview some of the best experts in OCD therapy globally, and people with OCD. Hope it helps!

Stuart Ralph (Host)

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