Mark Freeman – Getting curious about anxiety

In episode 97 I interviewed Mark Freeman. We recently ran a workshop together in London, so we took some time to reflect on the event, and talk generally about OCD recovery.

Mark Freeman book signing

In this episode I chat with Mark for the 4th time! We talk about our recent workshop in London, dealing with uncertainty, learning from difficult situations, questions Mark got asked on his workshops, how compassion and empathy can help, awareness for building empathy, putting a price on compulsions, straight forward mindfulness, getting curious about anxiety, and trusting yourself. Enjoy!


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Show notes:

When Mark came to London (2:00)

The key questions that Mark got asked in his 3 UK workshops (12:15)

What challenges Mark faced on his travels and how he dealt with them (32:20)

Putting a price on compulsions (37:00)

A basic mindfulness exercise (39:40)

Being curious about anxiety (49:40)

“Maybe imbalances aren’t in your head, maybe they’re around you” (58:30)

The one thing that has changed about Mark’s view of mental health (1:11:40)

The heaven question – “If heaven exists, what would you want God to say to you when you get there” (1:19:50)

Find out more about the Mark:

“The Mind Workbook” by Mark Freeman (Amazon.co.uk)

Audible free trial (get Mark’s audio book for free) – Audible.co.uk/free-trial

Website: http://www.markfreeman.ca

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/everybodyhasabrain

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/thepathtochange

Everybody has a brain: http://everybodyhasabrain.tumblr.com/


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