Storytime – Ignorance & Total Annihilation: Two Odd Supports For OCD Recovery

It’s storytime… Every Wednesday I will be releasing an additional podcast to the Sunday interviews. The Wednesday episodes will be a reading of one of the stories from the site. I put it to the vote and everyone said they wanted a story version of the podcast. The goal is to offer even more through the podcast by delivering a weekly story you can listen to, whenever you like.

This Wednesday version will only be on itunes and other podcast apps. It will not be on YouTube like the interview episodes. You can also listen here through the audio player below.

It was only fitting that the first story was from my first ever podcast episode with Mark Freeman. Mark is an inspiration and looks at recovery through a different perspective.

Here is the written version of Mark’s story: “Ignorance & Total Annihilation: Two Odd Supports For OCD Recovery“.



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