Stuart Ralph on “I’m So OCD” and Stopping Stigma

In episode 21 of The OCD Stories podcast I interviewed, myself. I wanted to talk about mental health stigma and how to stop people from saying “I’m so OCD” because they’ve lined up their shoes, or straightened a pencil. 

Stuart Ralph

In this episode I explain why “I’m so CD” isn’t stigma, and how it shields OCD sufferers from stigma. I talk about the benefits of combatting stigma around OCD. I offer some approaches you can take to overcome stigma in your own life and answer some listener questions.  Enjoy…


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Show notes:

Why there is less stigma around OCD, than other mental health disorders (2:10)

What is and isn’t stigma (3:00)

Why people don’t want to re-educate people on what OCD is (5:00)

Definition of stigma around mental health (10:00)

What’s your view of mental health? (16:00)

The benefits of reducing stigma (19:30)

How to deal with people saying “I’m so OCD” (23:00)

How to deal with stigma around OCD (26:30)

What to say to someone who says “I’m so OCD” (28:30)

Why are Channel 4 allowed to misuse OCD in their shows (34:30)

Resources mentioned:


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Jack Pridmore’s interview

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