The Legend of #AskAshOCD

In episode 32 of The OCD Stories podcast I interviewed Ashley Curry. Ash has recovered from OCD, and has been free for 12 years. He’s an advocate for Maternal OCD, OCD Action and Tourettes Action. He is also Founder and host of #AskAshOCD weekly Twitter Q&A.

Ashley Curry

In this episode I chat with Ash about his OCD story including transgender OCD, sexual intrusive thoughts and how he recovered. He goes into how to overcome OCD and take your life back. We also look into why it takes people time to recover. Ash is a great guy with a lot of great advice. Enjoy.


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Show notes:

Lily Bailey wants to know “how does it feel to be a massive legend?” (5:00)

Ashley’s OCD Story (7:00)

Claire wants to know “how do you define OCD recovery, and when do you say you are recovered?” (15:20)

What helped Ash recover (19:20)

“Is this it, is this the best you got” (24:30)

How running, sleeping and eating well helped OCD recovery (26:00)

Ashley on running 10 10ks (28:30)

Maternal OCD and advice for parents (30:30)

#AskAshOCD (35:00)

The main thing stopping people recovering (40:00)

Yasmine asks “how to get more benefits from OCD for my personality” (42:00)

Kate asks “how to become an OCD advocate?” (44:00)

The one thing people with OCD should stop doing (45:30)

The one thing people with OCD should start doing (46:10)

What Ash would say to someone with OCD (47:00)

Ash’s advice for living an amazing life (48:00)

What Ash would put on his billboard (48:30)

Find out more about Ashley Curry:

Ash on Twitter – AshleyCurryOCD

Join in Ash’s Twitter Q&A #AskAshOCD

Ash’s donation page for Maternal OCD: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/ashley-curry2


Maternal OCD

Tourettes Action

OCD Action



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