In episode 37 of The OCD Stories podcast I interviewed Mark Freeman. Mark is an OCD/mental health author, coach and YouTuber. He is the co-founder of the blog Everybodyhasabrain. If you watched Dr Steven Hayes most recent TED talk you may have noticed the cool illustrations on his presentation slides, these were done by Mark.

Mark Freeman

I chat with Mark about why phone and internet addiction affects OCD and how to deal with this. We talk about acceptance and commitment therapy including living by your values. Mark shares how he is bringing mindfulness to everyday activities. We discuss in detail how to deal with false memories. Enjoy.


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Show notes:

The issues with being addicted to your phone (6:00)

How to tame your phone and beat the urge to check (12:30)

Knowing your values to beat urges and impulses (18:00)

Mark on Meditation and mindfulness (22:30)

Mark asks me about meditation and mindfulness (26:30)

Mark asks me what I have learned from doing the podcast (31:30)

Taking care of the brain like we do the body (40:00)

Dealing with false and unwanted memories (56:00)

Mark’s food processor and eating healthy (1:05:00)

Mark’s one piece of advice for dealing with OCD (1:15:00)

Mark’s advice for living an amazing life (1:18:00)

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This podcast is also brought to you by nOCD. Download the app for free:

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