Stuart Ralph
Stuart Ralph, Host and Psychotherapist

At The OCD Stories we aim to provide good, reliable and heartfelt information that lights a path in the darkness, and offers solutions.

On average it takes people *17 years to get treatment for OCD after the first experience of symptoms. In the meantime symptoms often get worse, and the person’s quality of life suffers. All while being in the dark about what is going on. This is made worse by society having an inaccurate view of what OCD actually is.

We aim to bring more awareness and understanding of OCD through the podcast, for people who are suffering from it but also for those family members and friends, and other people like therapists and researchers who work in this area everyday.

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*Study from The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. Please note that this study is 15 years old. Therefore, we predict the time it takes to get treatment has decreased due to an increase in OCD awareness and trained professionals. Which is good news.