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Jessica Emily – Littlest Lady (Redefining Trauma, & OCD)

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In episode 150 of The OCD Stories podcast I interviewed Jessica Emily. Jessica is the creator of, and she’s kindly agreed to share her OCD and mental health story with us.

Littlest Lady - Jessica Emily

In this episode I chat with Jessica about her OCD story, abuse and trauma, therapy, her biggest epiphany in recovery, her work on, words of hope for those with OCD and experienced trauma. Hope it helps.


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Sensorimotor OCD

Emotional Abusive Relationship With Somatosensory OCD 

I now share my story with people who are still struggling with this puzzling tormentor and hand over some ideas about taking him down.

It’s hard for me to admit that I’ve been in an emotionally abusive relationship 15 years. I have only mental bruising, and physical scars to bear and prove it. But I am that stereotypical victim who blamed myself for “letting him” hold me captive.” I am that helpless victim who wanted no pain. I am that shameful sufferer who did everything she could do to hide all of the evidence. I knew that if I ever would come out, people wouldn’t believe that I was in any sort of toxic relationship with him.  After all, my relationship with OCD was and continues to be far from “typical”.

Like all emotionally abusive relationships, mine had an entry point. My first perceived jolt with my abuser was at age 14, despite earlier signs that came and went. I was a gregarious lover of life, smart, witty, and passionate about all moments past and present. He smelled my vulnerability from a mile away – the only thing I feared was that my “perfect” world could be jeopardised at any point in time.

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From Abuse and OCD to Travelling the world and inspiring others

She told me how she wanted to show those above her that OCD can be fully managed and not something to be drugged up and forgotten about.

Oh The OCD Stories, what a pleasure it is to be writing for you.

I spend most days browsing through the stories written by those little beans struggling with the terrible thing that is OCD.

I guess I should introduce myself, I’m Jessica. Pleased to meet you! I run a little space over at detailing my struggle with abuse and various mental health difficulties right through to recovery. I spend my days between a busy nursing schedule trying to teach others that they can recover just like I did.

See, that’s what I did. Got rid of it all! Gone, goodbye, au revoir! Well I say ‘gone ‘but it’s under management anyway. Considering my OCD took approximately 5 hours out of my days, had me trapped inside my house and unable to complete day to day tasks, to living a normal life, I think you could call that pretty much good and gone.

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