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Dr Amita Jassi

Dr Amita Jassi – OCD and ASD, and BDD (#330)

In episode 330 I chat with Dr Amita Jassi. Amita is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist at the National and Specialist OCD, BDD and Related Disorder Service for Children and Young People (South London and Maudsley NHS Trust). 

We discuss her therapy story, adapting OCD therapy for people with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), she shares what ASD is, how rigid thinking in ASD can impact treatment, bringing in special interests into therapy, tracking feelings without the use of a 0-10 scale, disentangling what is OCD vs what is ASD in terms of symptoms, how the family members can help their loved ones with autism and OCD. We then change topics to Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), she shares what it is, the lack of insight in BDD, where BDD comes from, the unrealistic expectations/representations of beauty in the media, the therapy for BDD, exposure and response prevention therapy (ERP) for BDD and how it differs from ERP for OCD, bringing compassion in, and much more. Hope it helps. 

Show notes:

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