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Dr Courtney Paré on Naturopathic Medicine for OCD

In episode 17 of The OCD Stories podcast I interviewed Dr Courtney Paré. Courtney specialises in naturopathic medicine, and has had her own battles with OCD.

Dr. Courtney Paré

I had an enjoyable chat with Courtney about nutrition and homeopathic medicine. We discussed alternative methods and how they can work with traditional OCD therapies. We proved and/or debunked myths around various supplements for OCD such as 5-htp. Courtney shared her OCD story, and how she is overcoming the disorder. The thing that stuck out for me is how important a holistic, and natural approach can help OCD recovery. This talk offers a lot of insight into areas of OCD recovery that rarely gets talked about. Enjoy…

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My Naturopathic OCD Recovery

But there is nothing I can do to change my past. However, I can do my very best to try and prevent a similar situation from happening to others.

For about 26 years of my life I kept the darkest, most horrendous secrets from every person in this world out of fear that a confession could put me in jail. That a confession would prove to everyone how horrible of a person I was. That a confession would solidify my spot on the “America’s Most Wanted” list.

Well here it is – my confession: There have been times where I was convinced that at any moment I could kill, rape or steal. That I hate the things I love and love the things I hate. That my worst nightmares are actually my greatest desires. That any good deed I’ve done was only to throw people off my malicious trail. And that I was, quite frankly, the most sick, evil person ever to be on this earth. (How pretentious, I know!)

I hated myself. I was ashamed of myself. I was terrified of myself. For everyone’s protection, I had to hide myself from the world.

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