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Alison Dotson – Being Me With OCD

In episode 54 of the podcast I interviewed Alison Dotson. Alison is an OCD advocate and author of the book “Being me with OCD: How I learned to obsess less and live my life”.

Alison Dotson

I enjoyed chatting with Alison. She does a lot for the OCD community, and she does it with a smile. Her book was enjoyable to read and if you haven’t checked it out, give it a go (links below). In this episode we talk about her OCD story which includes religious and sexual orientation OCD themes. Advice for seeking help, the keys to Alison’s recovery, using exposures in your everyday life, how having a support group can help and the ‘obsession in a box’ technique. Enjoy!

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Elvis Gomes – Switzerland’s Got Talent and Sexual Orientation OCD

In episode 15 of The OCD Stories podcast I interviewed Elvis Gomes. Elvis is a singer song writer and is currently doing a masters degree. He is an OCD advocate and has created the musical project OCDletmego which started after his performance on the TV show Switzerland’s Got Talent in 2015. He performed in the show with his original song “Let Me Go” which relates to Elvis’ personal experience with OCD.

Elvis Gomes

We talk about why homosexual OCD should be called sexual orientation OCD. We discuss his recovery which includes ERP, acceptance, meditation, yoga and the importance of developing a life filled with things that you love. Elvis tells us about his performance on Switzerland’s Got Talent of his song “Let me go”. We explore his fundraising project #OCDletMeGo. We look into gender and OCD in linguistics. Enjoy…

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