David Neil Adam

In episode 9 of The OCD Stories podcast I interviewed David Adam. David is an editor and author of the book “The man who couldn’t stop”.

Show notes:

David’s OCD story (2:10)

Medication (3:45)

What started David’s recovery (4:05)

Group therapy (5:40)

OCD and HIV obsessions. How the media can play a part in new obsessions (8:20)

How David Researched his book (11:15)

David’s ERP pyramid (14:20)

David’s advice for doing ERP (16:00)

Accepting uncertainty, and why you are already great at it! (22:40)

Relaxation and distraction (26:40)

“What would most people do?” phrase (29:40)

Advice for not reassurance seeking (32:50)

Ignorance that is pure, and how to deal with it (36:30)

How David describes OCD to someone (39:00)

The one piece of advice David would give to someone with OCD (41:10)

What David would have one his billboard (45:00)

Find out more about David:

David on Twitter @DavidNeilAdam

His book: The man who couldn’t stop: OCD and the true story of a life lost in thought (Amazon.co.uk/Amazon.com)

Resources mentioned:

David’s talk at the OCD Action conference

To your success, Stuart and The OCD Stories team

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