In episode 242 I chat with Dr Amy Mariaskin. Amy is a licenced clinical psychologist and director at The Nashville OCD & Anxiety Treatment Center. 

In this episode I chat with Amy about what OCD looks like in 4-8 year olds, compulsions and obsessions, animism – inanimate objects having personalities, how 4-8 year olds conceptualise OCD, looking out for autism spectrum disorder, how OCD can impact other areas of this age groups lives, how Amy explains OCD to these kids, how therapy for children with OCD differs from adults, talking back to OCD, making exposures fun, utilising play in therapy, calling exposures bravery challenges, homework and rewards, getting parents and carers involved, words of hope and much much more. Hope it helps.

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Find out more about Amy:

Amy’s website –

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Amy on the podcast – Gender Identity themed OCD


Jennifer Freeman

Anne Garcia

Josh Spitalnick 

POTS Jr trial – Family-based treatment of early childhood obsessive-compulsive disorder 

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