ROCD researcher Guy Doron

In episode 5 of The OCD Stories podcast I interviewed Dr Guy Doron. Guy is one of the leading researchers in relationship OCD (rOCD), and along with his team he his uncovering important information about this subtype of OCD.

Show notes:

Guy’s OCD Story (1:00) Finding rOCD in research (4:30) How rOCD also covers relationship with God (6:40) Type 1 vs Type 2 rOCD, and why someone would get one over the over (8:20) New study: embarrassability and OCD (11:40) Why an OCD sufferer seeks rightness in the relationship (12:50) How rOCD can affect dating not just the relationship (15:05) How distorted views of love affects relationships (19:50) How someone tells if they have rOCD or a bad relationship? (24:20) How rOCD can make relationships better (28:30) How to explain to your partner that you are trying your best to deal with the OCD (31:30) How ERP can be used to treat rOCD (35:20) The one thing rOCD sufferers can do today to improve their lives (41:20) Guy’s most astonishing finding from his research (44:45) What guy would want written on his billboard (47:00)

Find out more about Dr Steven Hayes:

Guy’s site –

Resources mentioned:

Dr Danny Derby –

Dr Steven Hayes

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