Jenna Overbaugh

In episode 321 I chat with Jenna Overbaugh. Jenna is a therapist who specialises in OCD, and is the clinical marketing director over at NOCD. 

We discuss Jenna’s OCD story, postpartum OCD, how the US healthcare system could do more to recognise postpartum OCD, how her husband helped her, Jenna shares some of her intrusive thoughts, and some of her exposures (Exposure and Response Prevention – ERP), we discuss what Jenna wants you to know about OCD, finding time for exposures when you also have to raise a child, working at NOCD, and much more. Hope it helps. 

The podcast is made possible by NOCD. NOCD offers affordable, effective, convenient therapy available in the US and outside the US. To find out more about NOCD, their therapy plans, if they currently take your insurance, or to download their free app, head over to

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