Dr Jordan Levy & Dr Tatyana MestechkinaIn episode 338 I chat to Dr Jordan Levy and Dr Tatyana Mestechkina. Both Jordan and Tatyana are licensed clinical psychologists who treat OCD. We discuss their therapy story, we chat about the thought of what if this is not OCD and other thoughts that get in the way of therapy, such as, What if this time is different? What if I’m doing therapy the wrong way? What if this is the piece of “evidence” that leads my therapist to think this isn’t OCD after all? What if these thoughts are bad, and I’m a bad person for having them and letting them be there? What if my therapist doesn’t know what they’re talking about? We discuss how to navigate the thoughts, the back door spike, and much more. Hope it helps.

The podcast is made possible by NOCD. NOCD offers affordable, effective, convenient therapy available in the US and outside the US. To find out more about NOCD, their therapy plans, if they currently take your insurance, or to download their free app, head over to https://go.treatmyocd.com/theocdstories

Find out more about Jordan and Tatiana:

Dr Jordan Levy: https://www.drjordanlevy.com/

Dr Tatyana Mestechkina: https://www.cbtforbetterliving.com/

Article the podcast is based on: https://www.cbtforbetterliving.com/post/what-if-this-is-not-ocd-doubting-the-doubting-disease


Dr Steve Phillipson and his Center for Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy https://www.cognitivebehavioralcenter.com/

Made of Millions: https://www.madeofmillions.com/

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Kim Quinlan

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