Katlyn Nicole

Show notes:

Kat’s OCD Story (1:50)

Mark Freeman’s air mattress effect (3:45)

Getting diagnosed (4:05)

Making intrusive thoughts worse (5:05)

Separating yourself from the thought (6:35)

Using script exposure for recovery (7:55)

Recording script exposure and playing it back (10:25)

How Pure O lead to other types of OCD? (12:00)

Struggling with Prayer (13:00)

Advice and strategies for praying without OCD (13:40)

Dealing with physical compulsions (15:00)

Using “Well, maybe it is” for acceptance (17:40)

Advice for opening up about sexual obsessions to your therapist (17:35)

How faith has helped recovery (22:35)

How the church has helped in recovery (25:10)

Opening up about OCD to inspire others (28:40)

Number 1 tip for beating OCD – “Accept your thoughts” (34:00)

Future plans (35:10)

Final words of wisdom (38:30)

What Kat would want written on a billboard for the world to see (40:55)

How to find out more about Kat (42:15)

Find out more about Kat:

YouTube channel – Shalom Aleichem

Blog – Do An Exposure

Tumblr – Do An Exposure

Twitter – @Thekatway

Snapchat – @Thekatway

Kat’s OCD Story on The OCD Stories

Resources mentioned: 

Mark Freeman on ACT and OCD recovery

Brene Brown Ted Talks on Vulnerability and Shame

To your success, Stuart and The OCD Stories team

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