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In episode 12 of The OCD Stories podcast I interviewed Lily Bailey. Lily is a writer and model. She is the author of the book Because we are bad: OCD and a girl lost in thought

Show notes:

Lily’s OCD story (1:25)

Lily’s experiential approach to treatment and CBT (3:10)

Psychotherapy (7:00)

ACT for OCD (9:00)

Advice for those struggling with ERP (14:00)

Lily’s OCD turning point (17:00)

Why Lily made lists (19:40)

Lily and religious OCD (22:00)

About the book Because we are bad (28:00)

Lily’s one piece of advice (31:20)

What Lily would have on her billboard (32:40)

Find out more about Chris and Kelly:

Lily on Twitter – @LilyBaileyUK

Lily’s book: Because we are bad: OCD and A Girl Lost In Thought (Amazon & Canbury Press)

Resources mentioned:

Ashley on Twitter

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Stuart and The OCD Stories team

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