Dr Alec Pollard

Dr Patrick McGrath head of clinical services at NOCD interviews Dr Alec Pollard Founding Director of the Center for OCD & Anxiety-Related Disorders (COARD). 

In this episode they talk about Alec’s therapy story, what areas of OCD have his interest currently, developing an approach to help families of loved ones who refuse therapy, developing his OCD institute in St Louis, why it’s exposure and response prevention (ERP) not exposure therapy, the importance of the RP of ERP, the influence of Joseph Wolpe to OCD therapy, how anger inhibits anxiety, panic disorder, learning to adapt to uncertainty, and much more. Hope that helps. 

The podcast is made possible by NOCD. To find out more about NOCD, their therapy plans and if they currently take your insurance head over to https://go.treatmyocd.com/theocdstories

Find out more about Dr Patrick McGrath:

Website – https://www.treatmyocd.com/about-us/team/

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Find out more about Dr Alec Pollard:

Website: https://slbmi.com/about-us/our-staff/clinical-team/#pollard


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