In episode 377 I chat with Mike Heady. Mike (LCPC) is the Co-Owner & Co-Director of the Anxiety and Stress Disorders Institute of Maryland where he has specialized in the treatment of OCD, anxiety disorders, and related conditions for the last 16-years. He is a faculty member of the IOCDF’s Training Institute and is a regular presenter at annual conferences for the IOCDF and ADAA. 

We discuss what’s new with him, what is inference-based cognitive behavioural therapy (I-CBT), the name change from inference-based therapy (IBT) to I-CBT, what I-CBT therapy looks like for OCD, inferential confusion, doubt, the concept of reality sensing, can I-CBT be integrated with exposure and response prevention therapy (ERP) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), vulnerable self themes, and much more. Hope it helps.

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Mike’s first episode ‘OCD dating’  

I-CBT Common Questions PDF


Dr Kieron O’Connor on the podcast

Dr Frederick Aardema

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  1. Hi, Stuart et al. Thanks for all you do to help those with OCD and their family/friends.

    You said at the beginning of episode 377 that Mike Heady had a pdf about I-CBT tnat you were going to link in the show notes, but I don’t see it?


    • Podcast logo

      Thanks for the kind words Kathy.

      Apologies we forgot to add his document. This is now live on the page under “Find out more about Mike” titled “I-CBT Common Questions PDF”.

      Thanks for listening.

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