Peter Weiss

In episode 7 of The OCD Stories podcast I interviewed Peter Weiss. Pete is a therapist who works with people who have OCD, ADHD and Autism. He is the founder of Blue Compass Camps, and in 2013 the BBC did a documentary about one of his OCD camps.

Show notes:

  • Pete’s OCD Story (2:40)
  • What Pete thinks about the documentary (12:00)
  • What it was like doing therapy in front of a camera (15:30)
  • What inspired Pete to help people with OCD and why it’s common to have have mental health issues with OCD (19:00)
  • Why camping in the wild improves recovery times (26:40)
  • How to speak with people are are anxious (35:25)
  • The power of “Maybe” (38:00)
  • ERP is important, but it is only a tool (43:00)
  • The importance of assessing the ERP challenge before you attempt it (47:50)
  • How to boost self-esteem for OCD treatment (52:00)
  • How to not let anxiety get to you when you are helping someone who is anxious and parenting a child with OCD (1:01:20)
  • The challenges facing someone who has OCD and depression. Also Pete’s advice (1:06:30)
  • The future of OCD Camps (1:09:45)
  • Pete’s one piece of advice (1:13:40)
  • What Pete would have on their billboard (1:17:40)

Find out more about Peter:

Pete’s private practice – Seattle Child Therapy 

Blue Compass Camps 

Teen OCD Camp 

Resources mentioned:

Travis Osbourne

Extreme OCD Camp documentary – Part 1/Part 2     

Jeffrey Schwartz – Brain Lock (Amazon UK/Amazon US) & You Are Not Your Brain (Amazon UK/Amazon US)

The CBT article on The Guardian

Dr Steven Hayes

International OCD Foundation –

To your success, Stuart and The OCD Stories team

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