Dr Sam Greenblatt

In episode 420 I chat with Dr Sam Greenblatt. Sam is a licensed clinical psychologist. 

We discuss an update on Sam, theories on relationship OCD, the nuances of therapy, the idea of trusting your gut, a review of the therapies that have an evidence base for OCD, the need for more longitudinal research, and much more. Hope it helps. 

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Find out more about Sam: 

Sam’s first episode: Frequent reasons therapy doesn’t work, and how to improve it

Second episode:  A potential way of improving ERP

Third episode: Cancel culture, and the overutilisation of pornography to cope with OCD

Fourth episode: In the wake of OCD (Trauma, identity, loss)

Fifth episode: What can therapy change? 

Website: https://www.drsamgreenblatt.com/


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OCD Gamechangers – https://ocdgamechangers.com/ 

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  1. Hi, Stuart!

    Thank you for such an informative podcast. The point you made on using triggers as a guide towards something that needs to be healed was very enlightening. Do you have plans to do book reviews in 2024?

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