Katie Strang

In episode 304 I chat with Katie Strang. Katie is a therapist, who advocates on Instagram through the account OCD Illustrated.

We discuss her OCD story, her themes, going to inpatient care, social anxiety, learning to take her symptoms less seriously, how she structures ERP now after therapy, we discuss how friends and family reducing accommodation can make OCD better, the value in connecting with people who have other symptoms than your own, words of hope and much more. Hope it helps. 

The podcast is made possible by NOCD. NOCD offers affordable, effective, convenient therapy available in the US and outside the US. To find out more about NOCD, their therapy plans and if they currently take your insurance head over to https://go.treatmyocd.com/theocdstories

Find out more about Katie: 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ocdillustrated


Rogers behavioural health: https://rogersbh.org/what-we-treat/ocd-anxiety/ocd-and-anxiety-residential-services 

Book “Up and down the worry hill” by Dr Aureen Wagner https://amzn.to/3kKUzFo 

Dr Edna Foa

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