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Elke – Recovering from (Contamination) OCD

In episode 102 I interviewed Elke. Elke is a scientist for a biotech company and we know each other from Patreon where I have had the privilege of getting to know her and her story over the last year.


In this episode Elke shares her OCD story, why trusting therapist helps, writing a diary of progress, imagining yourself 30 years after therapy, her favourite The OCD Stories podcast episodes, hope in therapy/ERP, goals in therapy, her time dong exposures, Expo & Fun, Sharing with colleagues, lifestyle changes, and dealing with change. Hope it helps.


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OCD Books, Books, Books

In episode 28 of The OCD Stories podcast I talk about the books on my book shelf. I always get asked which books are great for OCD recovery. So instead of talking about my recommendations, I thought I’d take this opportunity between guests to detail what books are on my shelves.

The Acceptance Field Guide

In this episode I discuss 18 books about OCD, and non-OCD books that I think will help your recovery. I try to give 3 points about each book to help you decide which book to read next. There are other great OCD books that I don’t talk about, purely because they are not in my collection. If you’ve read any that I haven’t mentioned I’d love to hear about them. Enjoy!

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