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Eric Kupers – The Dharma of OCD

In episode 62 of the podcast I interviewed Eric Kupers for the second timeEric is Associate Professor, at Cal State University East Bay, in the Department of Theatre. He is also Dance Co-Director, at the Dandelion Dance theatre.

Eric Kupers

Eric emailed with a long philosophical piece of writing (see below) for the site. It’s called “The Dharma of OCD”. Eric has taken one aspect of his understanding of the world and applied it to OCD to make sense of it. I liked this approach to tailoring understanding of treatment and recovery from one’s own perspective. In this talk we chat openly (and philosophically) about his piece, including what is Dharma, why is buddhist philosophy a good framework for understanding OCD and how does treatments such as ERP and ACT link in with it. Enjoy!

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Dr Fred Penzel on Homosexual OCD, BDD & Zen

In episode 13 of The OCD Stories podcast I interviewed Dr Fred Penzel. Fred is a psychologist and founding member of the International OCD Foundation. He has authored a book on OCD and one on Trichotillomania.

Dr Fred Penzel

Fred has a wealth of knowledge on OCD. He has invested so much into the treatment of others, it was an honour to interview him. We talk about how to treat OCD, homosexual OCD, what to do if you struggle with the obsession “what if I don’t even have OCD” and body dysmorphic disorder. Enjoy!!!

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