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Eva Surawy Stepney

Eva Surawy Stepney – Guilty obsessions, and the history of OCD (#307)

In episode 307 I chat with Eva Surawy Stepney. Eva is a research student studying for her PhD at the University of Sheffield. Her thesis title is, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and the foundations of ‘evidence-based’ practice in British Psychology, 1948-1990.

In this episode we discuss who she is and her PhD research, her article ‘guilty obsessions’, the history of OCD, the history of psychoanalysis and the development of other psychotherapies such as ERP, the importance of Sigmund Freud to the early development of the conceptualisation of OCD, what separates OCD from phobias, how other emotions like guilt, doubt and disgust can be drivers of OCD, how Freud originally said this but how mainstream psychiatry focused only on fear until in more recent years where the research is showing that other emotions play a role too, we discuss the idea of trauma and potential links to OCD, the history of ERP, and the conference ‘OCD in Society’. Hope it helps. 

Show notes:

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