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Michael and Clarissa

Dr Clarissa Ong and Dr Michael Twohig – OCD and The Anxious Perfectionist (#322)

In episode 322 I chat with Dr Clarissa Ong, and Dr Michael Twohig. Clarissa obtained her Ph.D. in Clinical/Counselling Psychology at Utah State University and is currently completing her post-doctoral training at the Center for Anxiety Disorders at Boston University and CBTeam. Michael (Ph.D.) is a licensed psychologist in the state of Utah and a Professor of Psychology at Utah State University, where he co-runs the ACT Research Group (with Dr. Levin). 

We discuss perfectionism, their new book ‘The Anxious Perfectionist’, what you’ll find in their book, the research behind the book, learning to use perfectionism when it’s helpful and learning to be more flexible with perfectionism when it’s not helpful, how perfectionism can interfere with therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Exposure and Response Prevention therapy (ERP) for finding the balance with perfectionism, and more. Hope it helps. 

Show notes:

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