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Dr Amy Mariaskin

Dr Amy Mariaskin – OCD and Sexual Intimacy (#356)

In episode 356 I interviewed Dr Amy Mariaskin. Amy is a licensed clinical psychologist and director at The Nashville OCD & Anxiety Treatment Center. 

In this episode we discuss her new book, ways OCD can affect intimacy, when taboo intrusive thoughts interrupt sex, issues with orgasms, sexual kinks and fantasies and how these may trigger OCD, obsessively worrying about getting pregnant, over analysing the quantity of sex in a relationship, groinal and other bodily stuff, when sex is a compulsion, contamination worries and sex, medication, relating to sexuality again after years of OCD affecting it, and much more. Hope it helps.  

Show notes:

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Kimberley Quinlan

Kimberley Quinlan – OCD and Sex

In episode 238 I have Kimberley Quinlan. Kimberley is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who treats people with OCD and related disorders, Eating Disorders and Body Focused Repetitive Disorders. She runs her own podcast called Your Anxiety Toolkit. She also runs 

In this episode I chat with Kim about sex and OCD. I asked her many questions I got from some of the listeners of the show. We talk about when OCD impacts your ability to connect with your partner, sexual  intrusive thoughts and anxiety’s impacts on sexual expression, why it may be difficult to enjoy sex, working through intrusive thoughts that interfere with sex, avoidance of sexual intercourse because of obsessions, cognitive distortions around sex, influence of porn, worrying about pregnancy during sex, contamination worries, sexually transmitted disease worries, when sex can be a compulsion, medications possibly affecting sex, letting go of extra expectations of what sex should be like, how to relate and create a better relationship to sexuality, how partners can help, words of hope and much much more. Hope it helps.

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