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Dr Steven Phillipson – Call me Steve (The Therapeutic Relationship)

In episode 221 of The OCD Stories podcast I chat with Dr Steven Phillipson. Steven is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for OCD. He co-founded the first Support group for OCD sufferers in the New York area in 1987. Steven is the Clinical Director at the Center for Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy.

Dr Steven Phillipson

In this episode I chat with Dr Steven Phillipson’s about what is a therapeutic relationship/alliance?, importance of a good therapeutic relationship, what is rapport in the therapy room?, an equal partnership for achieving therapy goals, the therapist’s role, disclosure, time, trust, patients role, therapist shopping, transference in the relationship, love in the relationship, humour, managing diversity and difference in the therapeutic relationship, what to do if you feel your therapist isn’t a good fit for you, how to approach the therapeutic relationship and much much more. Hope it helps.


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