This is an introduction to the audiobook of the children’s OCD storybook called “Blink, Blink, Clop, Clop” by Dr Katia Moritz released on The OCD Stories podcast.

This audiobook was produced by and for The OCD Stories podcast with kind permission from Dr Katia Moritz.

You can listen to the audiobook on the podcast, or on our website:

Special thanks to the voice over artists:

  • Henrietta the chicken  = Dr Elizabeth McIngvale
  • Daisy the cow and Maybelle the cow = Natalie Rubenstein
  • Snort the pig, other pigs, and Farmer Brown = Ethan Smith
  • Biscuit the horse and Trotter the horse = Dr Steven Poskar
  • O.C.Flea and Hoot the owl = Dr Jonathan Hoffman
  • Nervous little chick = Nami Ralph
  • Tips for fighting O.C.Flea = Dr Fugen Neziroglu
  • Narration = Stuart Ralph

If you want to buy a print copy of “Blink, Blink, Clop, Clop” you can do so here:

For more OCD resources please visit:

Hope it helps


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