Jon Hershfield

In episode 353 I interviewed Jon Hershfield. Jon is a psychotherapist and the director of The Center for OCD and Anxiety, at Sheppard Pratt. He is the author of six OCD books.

We discuss what’s new with Jon, his new book, Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), OCD and BPD, common overlaps in traits, causes of BPD, how BPD may complicate therapy for OCD and how to navigate this, Dialectical behaviour Therapy (DBT), words of hope and much more. Hope it helps. 

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Update: In the episode Jon said that people with OCD are 52% likely to have a comorbid disorder.  He meant to specifically say are 52% likely to have a comorbid personality disorder according to this study:

Find out more about Jon: 

New book: “The Unwanted Thoughts and Intense Emotions Workbook: CBT and DBT Skills to Break the Cycle of Intrusive Thoughts and Emotional Overwhelm” by Jon Hershfield and Dr Blaise Aguirre: 

Jon’s other books: 



Dr Blaise Aguirre

Dr Jon Grayson 

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