Dr Michael Greenberg

In episode 366 I chat with Dr Michael Greenberg. Michael is a clinical psychologist who specialises in Rumination-Focused ERP. 

In this episode we discuss Integrating psychoanalytical and behavioural perspectives, OCD and attachment theory, the fear of losing attachment, Malan’s model of OCD, unacknowledged normal healthy feelings, we both share a couple examples from our own lives, healthy aggression, and at the end we talk about rumination. Hope it helps. 

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Anatomical models of rumination: https://drmichaeljgreenberg.com/anatomical-models-of-rumination/

Causal justifications: https://drmichaeljgreenberg.com/causal-justifications/

Defining and demarcating compulsion: https://drmichaeljgreenberg.com/defining-and-demarcating-compulsion/

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  1. He has lost the plot on this one. His psychoanalytic approach is not useful, “Malan’s model” is absurd and has no place in OCD recovery. .Cognitive processes and emotional disorders: A structural approach to psychotherapy. Guilford Press, 1983. covers the childhood and emotional distress and reasons for OCD and how ‘self-ambivalence” is an emotional state behind OCD in a more lucid, meaningful, and scientific way than Malan’s model could ever. Dr. Greenberg’s work has been excellent up to this point so its been rather disappointing to see.

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