Nicola Petrocchi

In episode 296 I interviewed Dr Nicola Petrocchi. Nicola is a licensed CBT psychotherapist based in Rome, Adjunct Professor of Psychology at John Cabot University (Rome) and student counsellor.

We discuss his therapy story, what is compassion-focused therapy (CFT), the evolutionary view of the mind, how CFT fits in with other therapies, his study: what it is, what it found. We talk about viewing OCD from a compassionate lens, the science behind compassion, we discuss different types of guilt, different exercises in CFT, working with the inner critical voice, we discuss some of the resistances to doing CFT, and much more. Hope it helps.   

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Find out more about Nicola: 


His study: Compassion-Focused Group Therapy for Treatment-Resistant OCD: Initial Evaluation Using a Multiple Baseline Design 

Compassionate Mind Foundation Italy:

Compassionate Mind Foundation:  


Professor Paul Gilbert

Francesco Mancini

Dr Jon Abramowitz

Dr Michael Twohig

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