In episode 295 I interviewed Jamie Lewis who has kindly agreed to share his story with us.

I chat with Jamie about his story, building up the courage to speak to a doctor, pure O, somatic OCD, relationship OCD, perfectionism, derealisation, working with Dr Steven Phillipson, we talk about Steve’s podcast episode brain voice vs gatekeeper, peer support, the concept of irrelevance, words of hope, and much more. Hope it helps. 

The podcast is made possible by NOCD. To find out more about NOCD, their therapy plans and if they currently take your insurance head over to https://go.treatmyocd.com/theocdstories


Brain Lock by Dr Jeffrey Schwartz

Dr Steven Phillipson – Brain voice vs gatekeeper voice episode

Chrissie Hodges 

NICE Guidelines for OCD (UK) https://www.ocduk.org/overcoming-ocd/nice-guidelines-for-the-treatment-of-ocd/ 

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