OCD is tough, so be kind to yourself

OCD symptoms are hard. Difficult. Painful. Challenging. Agonising. Terrifying. So they are already those things, why add to it? OCD is pain. Learning to nurture and grow a compassionate voice within, to meet that pain and suffering won’t remove the OCD symptoms but it will make them more bearable, and give you the support to keep going in treatment, therapy, day to day life. 

Would you rather have a parent/coach/manager who shouts at you telling you how you are failing, how you should be better, how you should…… OR would you rather have a parent/coach/manager who puts their arm around you and says, “this is really tough for you, but you are doing your best, keep going”? 

We can all be that supportive compassionate parent/coach/manager to ourselves. Not always easy but we can develop that skill of self-compassion, and meet the burden of this current experience with love. 

Hope that helps. 

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