Navigate by your values

We can navigate through life by our values. Sailors used to use the North Star 🌟 to navigate. The North Star was used to find true north. So no matter how lost they felt they could find the North Star and use it to chart a course of travel in the direction they wanted to sail. In the same way in life we can use our values as our North Star.

When our internal seas are stormy, it’s dark and we feel lost, look up at the nights sky and look out for your values. Values are what drives you, what are important to you as an individual, what make your life meaningful.

We always have a choice. Many in fact. But to keep it simple, to make a choice based on fear (do a compulsion) or a choice to compassionately move towards our values, what’s important to us. Making more choices in a day to move towards our values will not only increase the chances that our day is better, but it will also help us refrain from doing a compulsion, which breaks the OCD cycle.

I wish you well on your travels, and hope you look out for your north stars on your journey.

Hope that helps.

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