In episode 184 of The OCD Stories podcast I interviewed Dr Amy Mariaskin. Amy is a licenced clinical psychologist and director at The Nashville OCD & Anxiety Treatment Center. 

Dr Amy Mariaskin

In this episode I chat with Amy about her OCD and therapy story, the story behind her clinic’s logo, Amy explains the terminology around gender identity, what are some obsessions and compulsions around this gender identity theme (sometimes called transgender OCD), what some example exposures look like for this theme, the effectiveness of ERP for this theme, words of hope, self-compassion, and much much more. Hope it helps.

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  1. Stuart, thanks so much for posting this! This was one of themes a couple years ago that made the walls around me crack and discover I had OCD. Though the discussion is still relatively small, it was almost nonexistent when I was looking for information back then, which was terrifying.

    You asked her a question I’ll answer affirmatively, which is that I have and have had both sexual orientation and gender identity OCD themes. In fact, one led to the other. In trying to determine whether or not I was straight, I had a thought after a week of intense mental compulsions: “What if I’m not a gay dude who is into other dudes, but rather a trans straight girl into dudes?” And then the OCD ball stuck from there.

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