In episode 76 I chat with Kimberley Quinlan. Kimberley is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who treats people with OCD and related disorders, Eating Disorders and Body Focused Repetitive Disorders. She runs her own podcast called Your Anxiety Toolkit. Kimberley also trained at the OCD centre of Los Angeles, and later became the clinical director.

Kimberley Quinlan

In this conversation with Kimberley we chat about why OCD is highly treatable, how to know if it’s OCD or not, dealing with anxiety, self-compassion, the importance of body language, the difference between OCD and general anxiety disorder, mindfulness, and practicing non-judgement. Enjoy!

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Show notes:

Kimberly Quinlan’s story (2:18)

Why OCD is highly treatable (3:59)

Listener’s questions begin (5:52)

Thinking, feeling and experiencing — my OCD or me? (5:56)

Riding out anxiety while cutting out compulsions (7:43)

Self-compassion in the face of anxiety (10:07)

Body language and mental health (10:13)

Stopping repetitive thoughts (15:22)

The Difference between OCD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder (19:10)

Living day to day without being overwhelmed by fear (20:59)

Techniques for working through panic attacks (24:11)

Dan Siegel’s vision of the mind and the use of cognitive restructuring (28:30)

Mindfulness practice (30:39)

ERP and self-compassion (33:31)

Practicing non-judgment (35:16)

Connecting and being seen (36:46)

Kimberly’s advice for living an amazing life (39:10)

The billboard question (41:36)

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