In episode 171 of The OCD Stories podcast I interview Mark-Ameen Johnson. Mark has kindly agreed to share his OCD story, and his advocacy work.

Mark-Ameen Johnson

In this episode I chat with Mark about his OCD story, CBT, scrupulosity, his advocacy in sexual orientation OCD, OCD is OCD, words of hope, and much much more. Hope it helps. 

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Find out more about Mark:

Mark’s Instagram: Mark_Ameen_Johnson

One of Mark’s articles

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Finding the right therapist

Dr Lisa Levine

Dr Reid Wilson

Dr Steven Phillipson “I think it moved

Dr Fred Penzel “How do I know I’m not really gay?

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  1. Thank you Stu for bringing Mark Ameen Johnson, when my ocd theme of sexuality hit I found much insight in his articles. I have other themes such as Harm and POCD but they are mostly dwarfed by HOCD.

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