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Jon Hershfield On Mindfulness, ERP And Acceptance For OCD

In episode 6 of The OCD Stories podcast I interviewed Jon Hershfield. Jon is the author of two books on OCD and a therapist who specialises in OCD treatment.

Jon Hershfield

Jon gave some great responses to questions around meditation and mindfulness, and how you can use them in your recovery from OCD. We talked about this idea of the acceptance script, and how that can motivate you in your recovery. We also touched on various concepts around types of OCD thoughts. There is a lot of good advice in this episode and Jon is a good guy, so we hope you enjoy it!

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Mark Freeman on his recovery from OCD, and how you can beat it!

Anxiety and depression are like smoke alarms going off in your brain. You don’t have an alarm problem. You have a fire problem. Quit worrying about the alarms. Put out the fire.

I interviewed Mark Freeman on his OCD story, his recovery and his advice for your recovery too. Mark is an OCD/mental health author, and YouTuber.

Mark Freeman

I have known Mark for a while now. He has a fascinating story. He is recovery focused and encourages his clients to have the same mindset. Mark was a strong catalyst in my recovery from OCD. He continues to inspire me, I hope you find him, and our talk helpful!

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