Jon Hershfield On Mindfulness, ERP And Acceptance For OCD

In episode 6 of The OCD Stories podcast I interviewed Jon Hershfield. Jon is the author of two books on OCD and a therapist who specialises in OCD treatment.

Jon Hershfield

Jon gave some great responses to questions around meditation and mindfulness, and how you can use them in your recovery from OCD. We talked about this idea of the acceptance script, and how that can motivate you in your recovery. We also touched on various concepts around types of OCD thoughts. There is a lot of good advice in this episode and Jon is a good guy, so we hope you enjoy it!


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Show notes:

  • Jon’s OCD Story (1:30)
  • What Jon did before he retrained into therapy (7:10)
  • Risk and OCD (9:00)
  • What mindfulness is, and how can it be used to treat OCD (11:40)
  • Mindfulness and ACT (14:45)
  • Jon’s tips to stay on track with mindfulness training (16:15)
  • Using mindfulness for anger (22:00)
  • Good meditations for beginners (26:40)
  • How to meditate even though you are getting intrusive thoughts (31:50)
  • How mindfulness can work alongside ERP (39:20)
  • Jon’s tip for starting and sticking with ERP (44:20)
  • The acceptance script and how to use it (51:20)
  • Mental reviewing, scenario bending, mental rehearsal and mental hoarding (1:00:30)
  • The one bit of advice Jon would give if he only had 30 seconds (1:12:00)
  • Jon’s new book “When a family member has OCD” (1:14:15)
  • What Jon would have written on his billboard (1:16:40)

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