Katie d’Ath on Managing OCD With CBT

In episode 18 of The OCD Stories podcast I interviewed Katie. Katie d’Ath trained at Goldsmiths College, University of London before working at The Priory Hospital North London delivering both individual and group cognitive behavioural therapy. She now works a private practice, from North and Central London. Katie also co-authored the book “Managing OCD with CBT For Dummies”

Katie D'ath

In the episode we covered lots of topics on both how to overcome OCD and how to live a great life. Katie talks about the importance of looking after yourself with self love, why you should behave yourself out of the problem and CBT. It was a pleasure to talk with Katie, she knows her stuff and is a caring, knowledgable therapist. Enjoy…


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Show notes:

Katie’s OCD story (3:00)

Intrusive thoughts as emotions, urges and sensations (6:00)

The importance of sleep, diet and exercise (11:50)

Why doing a daily review is great? (22:10)

When OCD is getting trickier it probably means you are beating it! (28:00)

How not to get irritated when you have OCD (29:00)

Is it better to get treatment sooner rather than later (33:30)

How to live your goals even if you are anxious and getting intrusive thoughts (38:20)

The biggest mistake people make when trying to overcome OCD (51:00)

Katie’s one piece of advice (57:30)

Katie’s advice to make your life amazing (58:30)

What Katie would write on a billboard (1:02:00)

Find out more about Katie:

Katie’s website: Katiedath.com

Katie on Twitter: @Katiedath

Katie on YouTube

Managing OCD with CBT for Dummies by Katie d’Ath and Rob Wilson (Amazon.co.uk/Amazon.com)

Resources mentioned:

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