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In episode 9 of The OCD Stories podcast I interviewed David Adam. David is an editor and author of the book “The man who couldn’t stop”.

David Neil Adam

I had a good conversation with David, he’s a good lad (as we say in England). We talked about his book, how it came about and his OCD story. He talks about overcoming his HIV obsessions, how to do ERP effectively, accepting uncertainty and stigma. There is a lot of good advice in this interview for anyone struggling with OCD, but specifically “Pure O”. Enjoy!!!

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Show notes:

David’s OCD story (2:10)

Medication (3:45)

What started David’s recovery (4:05)

Group therapy (5:40)

OCD and HIV obsessions. How the media can play a part in new obsessions (8:20)

How David Researched his book (11:15)

David’s ERP pyramid (14:20)

David’s advice for doing ERP (16:00)

Accepting uncertainty, and why you are already great at it! (22:40)

Relaxation and distraction (26:40)

“What would most people do?” phrase (29:40)

Advice for not reassurance seeking (32:50)

Ignorance that is pure, and how to deal with it (36:30)

How David describes OCD to someone (39:00)

The one piece of advice David would give to someone with OCD (41:10)

What David would have one his billboard (45:00)

Find out more about David:

David on Twitter @DavidNeilAdam

His book: The man who couldn’t stop: OCD and the true story of a life lost in thought (

Resources mentioned:

David’s talk at the OCD Action conference

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Stuart and The OCD Stories team

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