In episode 10 of The OCD Stories podcast I interviewed Kelly Anderson and Chris Baier. Chris and Kelly are creating the documentary called OCD & Me: The story of kids who fight back. A documentary featuring entirely a cast of children, showing the wisdom and bravely that youth brings.

Kelly Anderson and Chris Baier

When I first saw the trailer to the documentary I knew they were on to something special. Having OCD as a kid is confusing, scary and lonely. I unfortunately experienced it firsthand. I believe this documentary will help those kids who are scared of being “insane” and it will help the parents understand and support their children more effectively. Chris and Kelly were a pleasure to talk to. We discussed the documentary, their hopes for it, advice for kids with OCD and advice for the parents of children with OCD. Enjoy!!!

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Show notes:

Chris & Kelly’s OCD story (1:40)

Aim of the documentary (4:30)

Documentary structure (6:30)

How OCD affects the siblings (8:00)

The documentary will show anxiety is much a part of OCD as obsessions and compulsions (12:20)

The documentary is about describing the journey of recovery (13:35)

How Chris and Kelly’s kids got diagnosed (17:40)

Benefits of kids with OCD hanging out with other kids with OCD (24:00)

Why only kids will be in the film (32:30)

OCD in school (34:30)

Advice for parenting a kid with OCD (36:40)

The one piece of advice for the parent and the one piece of advice for the kid struggling with OCD (44:10)

What Chris and Kelly would write on their billboard (46:30)

Find out more about Chris and Kelly:

The film website and trailer:

OCD Kids Movie Facebook

Twitter: Chris / Kelly

Resources mentioned:

Mount Sinai hospital OCD treatment

Project UROK

To your success,

Stuart and The OCD Stories team

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