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Aneela Kumar – Trichotillomania and the Keen Smart Bracelet

In episode 91 I interviewed Aneela Kumar. Aneela is the inspiration for HabitAware. The company behind “Keen” a smart bracelet that gently vibrates when you start to pick, pull or bite, to draw your attention to the unconscious habit. Aneela has had trichotillomania for 20+ years.

Keen Smart Bracelet

In this episode I chat with Aneela about her story, why not to compare your recovery to others, 99% recovery vs 100% recovery, anxiety, the Keen smart bracelet and the thinking behind it, improving awareness for compulsive hair pulling and skin picking, a breathing exercise for anxiety, and the TLC Foundation. Enjoy!


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Say No to OCD with the nOCD app

This podcast is sponsored by nOCD. Download the app for free and they will donate $0.50 to an OCD charity on your behalf:

In episode 30 of The OCD Stories podcast I talked with Stephen Smith. Stephen co-founded the OCD app nOCD. The app is great so it was a pleasure to get him on the show to discuss the app and his OCD journey.

Stephen Smith nOCD

In this episode I talk with Stephen about his nOCD app. We discuss the features, how it is helping OCD sufferers recover and what is next for the app. We also talked about his battle with Pure O, the idea that recovery is possible and why people with OCD can become great problem solvers. Stephen shares some great wisdom at the end to help you in your OCD journey. Enjoy!

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