In episode 91 I interviewed Aneela Kumar. Aneela is the inspiration for HabitAware. The company behind “Keen” a smart bracelet that gently vibrates when you start to pick, pull or bite, to draw your attention to the unconscious habit. Aneela has had trichotillomania for 20+ years.

Keen Smart Bracelet

In this episode I chat with Aneela about her story, why not to compare your recovery to others, 99% recovery vs 100% recovery, anxiety, the Keen smart bracelet and the thinking behind it, improving awareness for compulsive hair pulling and skin picking, a breathing exercise for anxiety, and the TLC Foundation. Enjoy!

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Show notes:

Aneela’s story (3:50)

How Aneela shared her story and her tips for opening up (6:15)

About Aneela’s company and her smart bracelet (14:45)

A breathing exercise for reducing anxiety – video ( (21:40)

The TLC Foundation (23:00)

The elevator question (26:00)

Advice for an amazing life (27:30)

The billboard question (29:00)

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