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In episode 30 of The OCD Stories podcast I talked with Stephen Smith. Stephen co-founded the OCD app nOCD. The app is great so it was a pleasure to get him on the show to discuss the app and his OCD journey.

Stephen Smith nOCD

In this episode I talk with Stephen about his nOCD app. We discuss the features, how it is helping OCD sufferers recover and what is next for the app. We also talked about his battle with Pure O, the idea that recovery is possible and why people with OCD can become great problem solvers. Stephen shares some great wisdom at the end to help you in your OCD journey. Enjoy!

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Show notes:

Stephen’s OCD Story (3:30)

The therapists behind the app (10:30)

Success stories from users of the app (11:40)

Meet the OCD Bob (12:45)

How does the app help Pure O sufferers? (14:00)

Will Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) be a part of the app in the future? (15:40)

What new additions will be coming to the app? (21:00)

Treat My OCD Support Group (26:40)

Stephen’s advice for what people with OCD should stop doing (29:30)

Stephen’s advice for what people with OCD should start doing (31:30)

Stephen’s one piece of advice (33:50)

Stephen’s advice for living an amazing life (34:50)

What Stephen would have on his billboard (36:40)

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This podcast is sponsored by nOCD. Download the app for free:

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  1. I live in the UK, I suffer from chronic ocd mine is hit and run ocd but has gone a step further where by I even feel responsible when someone else is driving and even more to when I’m out walking I feel I’ve caused an accident just by thinking about it (Magical thinking ) I also keep feeling that I’m going to be hit by a car or bycycle and although nothings happened I ruminate that it could have. It’s draining me , does anyone else feel the same.

    • Hi Michael, sorry to hear you are having a tough time at the moment it does get better. I recommend going to speak to your doctor. You can get free CBT therapy on the NHS for OCD. All the best.

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