In episode 282 I interviewed Dr Michael Twohig, Dr Patricia Zurita Ona and Jonny Say. Michael is a licensed psychologist and researcher, Patricia is a clinical psychologist, and Jonny is an integrative counsellor. 

In this episode I chat with Michael, Patricia and Jonny about their backgrounds and what brought them to acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), where ACT adds value to OCD treatment, how they use ACT alongside exposure and response prevention therapy (ERP), we discuss the compulsion of rumination and how ACT can target it, how ACT targets other difficult emotions that can go alongside OCD, how ACT can work on other issues alongside OCD, how values can be useful to guiding life decisions, and much much more. Hope it helps. 

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Find out more about them: 

Dr Michael Twohig

Lab website:

Michael’s books:

Michael’s episode on The OCD Stories: ACT for OCD

Dr Patricia Zurita Ona

Patricia’s websites – and 

Patricia’s books 

Patricia’s episodes on The OCD Stories: ACT and ERP for teens with OCD and W.I.S.E. M.O.V.E.S. in ACT based ERP

Jonny Say

Jonny’s website:

Jonny’s episode on The OCD Stories: OCD, Mindfulness and compassion


Dr Steven Hayes 

Dr Jonathan Abramowitz 

Dr Russ Harris & Dropping anchor exercise audio

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