This is a live interview I did with Catherine Benfield at the OCD Action conference.

We discuss her story, maternal OCD, getting support from her husband, starting her advocacy journey, raising awareness of perinatal OCD among midwives, working on kindness and self-compassion because of the way she felt about herself, her blog Taming Olivia, changing the perception of OCD, becoming an executive producer on a short film about OCD, and much more. Hope it helps.

Find out more about Catherine:

Catherine’s first appearance on the podcast: and her second appearance:

Taming Olivia blog –

Resources mentioned:

Find out more about OCD Action –

Living with perinatal OCD – Journal of Midwifery

Ruji Rahman podcast episode –

Maternal OCD charity –

Ethan Smith on the podcast –

Functional Analytic Psychotherapy –

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