Brief humanistic counselling for OCD

In episode 318 therapist Jonny Say interviews Stuart about his OCD research. Stuart’s research used data from the University of Roehampton’s ETHOS project.

We discuss the motivation for this research, what is humanistic counselling, the research and what was found, what humanistic (and person-centred) counselling can learn from CBT, and what CBT can learn from humanistic counselling, hopes for the research, and much more. Hope it helps. 

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The research: 

Ralph, S., & Cooper, M. (2022). Brief humanistic counselling with an adolescent client experiencing obsessive compulsive difficulties: A theory-building case study. Counselling and Psychotherapy Research, 00, 1–12. 

Or get access to a free PDF version here:

Find out more about Jonny:

Jonny’s website:

Jonny’s episode on The OCD Stories: OCD, Mindfulness and compassion & ACT for OCD


The ETHOS project: 

Professor Mick Cooper

Dr David Burns

Dr Steven Phillipson and

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